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Office Courses

Digita Personal Tax Standard

This course is aimed at users who are new to Personal Tax or have purchased the product within the last 12 months. It covers the main points of functionality within the system as well as handy tips that can be incorporated in your everyday use. A must have course for any user.

  • Database Security
  • Starting Digita Personal Business and Trust Tax
  • The Working Environment
  • Setting up a new client file
  • Managing the data collection/entry process

Digita Personal Tax Advanced

This interactive course is aimed at experienced users and those who have completed the Personal Tax Introduction course and wish to obtain an in depth knowledge of the application.

  • Payments on Account
  • Tracker
  • Client Enquiries
  • Schedule Notes
  • Client Review
  • Business Tax

Digita Accounts Production Standard

This course covers topics such as Client Details, the many ways of posting transactions, Working Papers and editing the Final Accounts report. Also included are areas such as Audit Locks and the Warnings Report, all of which can help manage the efficiency of your workflow.

  • Clients
  • Nominal code list
  • Posting
  • Working papers
  • Audit Locks
  • Reports
  • Periods
  • Partnership Profit Allocation
  • Disallowable Expenses
  • Integration
  • Client Check in/out

Digita Accounts Production Advanced

Following on from our Standard User training, the Accounts Production Advanced course covers Management Settings, Advanced Report Editing, Cash Flow statements, Management Accounts, Cost Centres and Groups. This course gives experienced users the opportunity to develop their skills even further. The course will not only provide you with an in depth knowledge of the application, but will also give you an understanding behind the design and development of the software.

  • Overview
  • Advanced Nominal code list
  • Working papers
  • Advanced Report Editing
  • Cash flow
  • Check in/out
  • Management accounts
  • Cost centres
  • Groups

Digita Corporation Tax

This half day interactive course will cover all aspects of the program from Client Details, Disallowable Expenses and Capital Allowances right through to sending the CT600 electronically. If required, training can also be given on the Deferred Tax Calculator.

  • User Management
  • Create client
  • Company Details
  • Accounting Periods
  • Tax Computation report
  • CT600
  • Financial Data Entry
  • Loans to Participators
  • Deferred Tax
  • Tracker
  • Payments
  • Online Filing

Digita Corporation Tax Advanced

Following on from our Standard User training, the Digita Corporation Tax Advanced course is an addiitonal half day course. This interactive course will cover the basics of producing and submitting a corpration tax return and computation uisng the advanced element of the software.

  • User Management
  • Create client
  • Company Details
  • Accounting Periods
  • Tax Computation report
  • CT600
  • Financial Data Entry
  • Loans to Participators
  • Tracker
  • Payments
  • Online Filing

Digita Company Secretarial

During this course you will learn how to set up practice details, users and data conversion. Manage the company's annual cycle, handle statutory events, electronic filing and reporting. You will also see how Digita Company Secretarial can connect to Companies House to retrieve and safeguard your client's data.

  • Setting up practice details, users & data conversion
  • Understanding the Interface and adding a new company
  • Managing a company's annual cycle
  • Handling ad-hoc statutory events
  • Electronic filing
  • Reporting and Exporting
  • Database backup

Digita Contact Manager

With the release of Digita Contact Manger this interactive course will cover creating Staff, Contacts and Clients. It will also cover setting up Categories, Managing Base Data and Filtering options. With an introduction to Document Creator which includes setting up your own templates.

  • Introduction
  • Managing Data
  • Sorting Data
  • Entity Data
  • Forms Creator
  • Document Creator
  • Integration
  • Conclusion & Questions