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Digita Virtual Office offers anytime, anywhere remote accounting software access; relieving you of IT burdens and ensuring business continuance in any situation. The Digita Professional Suite and select Microsoft products are available in our hosted office environment, providing the freedom to work remotely at anytime from anywhere.

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Digita Virtual Office includes:

  • 50 NetClient Portals
  • Practice administration area for staff to manage client portals
  • Microsoft Exchange
  • An initial 2 GB of storage space
  • Access to purchased Digita Professional Suite modules

Each Digita Virtual Office user licence includes:

  • Microsoft Office:
    • Outlook
    • Excel
    • Word
    • PowerPoint
    • Publisher
  • Adobe Reader
  • An additional 3 GB of network storage space

Additional NetClient portals and storage space can be purchased.

Access to Your Software and Client Data 24/7

Digita Virtual Office acts as a cloud hosted desktop that provides you with around the clock access to the Digita Professional Suite, Microsoft® Office, and Microsoft Exchange® software and files. Employing cloud computing technology, Digita Virtual Office is a convenient software delivery method that offers remote 24/7 online access to your software and data, relieving you of the IT burden and ensuring business continuance – no matter what the situation.

Within your virtual office desktop, programs function exactly as if the software were residing locally in your practice; however, all of your programs and data run on our secure servers.

We take care of the virtual desktop hosting, hardware and software maintenance and updates – leaving you and your staff free to concentrate on what’s most important: your clients.

Benefits of Digita Virtual Office
  • Web hosted software performs the same from any computer or laptop as it does on your local hard drive or network.
  • No limit to where you can work from, as long as there is an Internet connection.
  • Our advanced UK data centre and state-of-the-art infrastructure provides the ultimate in data security.
  • Enjoy remote working from anywhere with a high-speed Internet connection.
  • Keep in touch with staff and clients with 24/7 access to Microsoft Exchange.
  • Maximise staff and resources with flexibility for stay-at-home parents and employees who work away.
  • By reducing the amount of time and staff required for software, hardware, and server administration and maintenance, you can focus resources on business issues.
  • Work more efficiently with integrated systems designed to work together.
  • Ensure business continuance 365 days a year with your software and data held securely in our data centre.
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Need to know more about Virtual Office or the Cloud?

To view all of the benefits download our full brochure or contact us for more details.

Alternatively, visit Journey To The Cloud or speak to one of our consultants on 01395 280 218.

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Digita Virtual Office