Time and FeesTime and Fees Software for Accountants

With Digita Time and Fees you can record time and expenses directly to the client or broken down into client jobs and measured against budget and produce customised client bills quickly and easily.

It also offers a comprehensive and versatile reporting system including a full range of time and fees based reports, including WIP based, employee based, client based and debtor based reports. Reports are fully customisable and we provide full access to the underlying tables should you wish to create your own.

Benefits to your business

Simple time entry and flexible billing

Helps your staff to maintain up-to-date timesheets and handle complex billing scenarios by making it possible to drill down to task level to allocate fees and write-offs to help ensure that profitability is correctly allocated.

Dynamic Information

Interactive user dashboards provide customisable views for staff, users and clients displaying a variety of information such as task lists and selected key performance indicators.

Remain in control

The Tracker tool enables you to organise, track and manage progress and workflow to ensure the most efficient use of staff time and skills.

Interactive User Dashboards

Use the dashboards to profitability on jobs, staff and review key performance indicators easily using Digita supplied Gadgets.

Time Entry

Record both billable/non-billable time and expenses quickly and easily meaning faster and more accurate billing.


Create different bill types including invoices, credit notes and quotes. Bills can easily be amended by applying lump sum adjustments, managing payments on account and providing discounts. Final bills can still be amended using Write On/Write Off amounts.


Set up trackers and record time against these jobs to reduce the amount of time on manual data entry.


Use reports to provide feedback and analysis of work performed by your practice.

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