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Operate at Peak Performance

Digita Practice Advanced provides a comprehensive practice management solution with powerful but flexible time and billing methods. Achieve efficient practice workflow and tap into crucial decision making information in one central place.

An Overview of the Solution

Benefits to You:

  • Gain control over the workflow of your entire practice
  • Track project progress and quickly assess staff performance
  • Close integration with familiar Outlook mail, calendar and tasks
  • Drive efficiency with multiple real-time customisable dashboards
  • Effective resource planning and project management capabilities
  • Powerful CRM for marketing and client management with a view of client activity
  • Obtain electronic approval of documents with our integrated secure client portal
  • Access critical information away from your desk with the free Digita Practice app

Integration with the Digita Professional Suite

With over 25 years of experience serving the accounting profession, the Digita Professional Suite offers a complete solution of fully integrated tax and accounting software. Find out more.

Smooth Transition

If you are looking to migrate existing data then Digita software can help with every step of the process. Based on your current software we can offer financial and non-financial migration of your data.

We provide training plans tailored to your needs and can help you manage the change with our consultation services.

Want to start planning your transition? Contact us for more details or speak with our consultants on 08450 180 907.

More Than Just Time & Billing Software

Drive efficiencies and ensure the smooth operation of your practice with Digita Practice Advanced. The solution supports your desired level of approval for time capture, billing and client correspondence. The Time & Billing functionality provides easy, fast and accurate capture of where staff time is being spent and allows you to maximise productive time and reduce admin.

Comprehensive Time & Billing and Reporting Functionality

Quickly and automatically record time and expenses and bill clients using virtually any billing method, such as fixed-fee, value-add, retainer, etc. Create customised invoices and statements, record and track accounts receivable transactions, and create detailed reports and summaries.

Practice Dashboards

Digita Practice Advanced centralises real-time information into four fully customisable dashboards – Staff, Client, Firm, and Home – so you and your staff can create views that meet your unique needs.

Staff Dashboard

Staff can access personal information, such as their Outlook calendar, mail, and tasks, their list of outstanding projects and tasks, and their schedule with assigned projects, tasks, and Outlook appointments.

Client Dashboard

All of your client information in a central place so that you and your staff have a single view of contact info, demographic data, work-in-progress (WIP) billing activity, payment history, current balances, and more.

Firm Dashboard

Firm Dashboard

Partners and authorised staff can quickly check the financial status of the firm in one location. Without having to print a report, you can see a real-time on-screen view of the state of receivables, billings, collections, profitability, staff productivity, historical information, and more.

Home Dashboard

Use the Home Dashboard to display multiple items, such as system information, RSS feeds, web pages, and more.

Standard and Custom Reports

Create and display custom and standard reports on any of the dashboards, giving you instant access to critical information. Expanded functionality lets you add customised charts to several financial reports.

Custom Formatting

With its easy-to-use custom formatting options, Digita Practice Advanced allows you to create and modify existing standard formats (including content, layout, and appearance), and create new invoices, statements, reports, labels, and letter formats.

Track Projects and Tasks from One Location

The project management aspect of the software provides you with dashboards to monitor every detail of your practice’s projects and tasks in real-time – offering complete control over your workflow. Manage ongoing projects all from one central place which is fully integrated with other key practice management tools, driving time and cost efficiencies.

Give Your Staff the Tools They Need

With the project management tool, you and your staff can manage responsibilities with the ability to:

  • Identify the tasks and time required to perform work
  • Track due dates and control project workflow
  • Monitor staff performance
  • Manage project progress across the practice
  • Integrate with the Staff Management module for added scheduling capabilities
Staff Dashboard

Track Project Due Dates and Progress with Ease

Ensure timely service and delivery to clients by setting up notifications to inform staff members when client information for a project has been received, assignment changes are made, or important dates have been updated.

Monitor Staff Availability

Manage project responsibilities from the Staff Dashboard by viewing assigned projects and tasks at a glance to ensure that the right people work on the right projects. By configuring the staff dashboard, they'll always know what to work on next.

Capture Every Billable Minute

All of your chargeable time is accounted for – simply click a project to have your work timed automatically and seamlessly integrated. Bill clients based on projects and track budget vs actual information to determine how your staff are progressing on a project.

Maintain Complete Control Over Workflow

Ensure peak productivity – no matter how many projects are flowing through your office. The Manage Projects screen allows you to update project and staff information, assign work to multiple staff, and review your own workload.

Collaborate and View Real-Time Client Activity in a Central Place

The powerful Client Management module provides CRM capabilities that track every detail of client activity, so you always have the most up-to-date information at your fingertips.

Because you communicate with your clients in many ways, including phone calls, emails, invoices, and face-to-face contact, the system helps you to effectively keep track of every interaction, monitor client activity, and securely transmit or receive documentation.

With this module, you gain the added ability to logically organise, store, and access all client interactions in a single location on your client dashboard for quick and efficient review.


The Client Management module allows you to:

  • Synchronise contact information with Microsoft Outlook in real-time, ensuring Outlook is up to date with your Practice information.
  • Record notes of every client interaction, including phone calls, emails, billing, or face-to-face meetings.
  • Automatically track time on phone calls, which can be invoiced with other billable time.
  • Generate virtually any report grouped by referral source, giving you a complete picture of referral activity.
  • View interactions by client, contact, or staff to stay apprised of all referral activity.
  • Save recorded phone messages and display them on the staff dashboard for a digital record of all your client interactions.
  • Send or receive files securely with the option to request an electronic signature from your client via the easy-to-use file transfer feature that connects directly to our NetClient portals.

Control Staff Benefits, Targets and Schedules

Resource planning allows you to plan and schedule future jobs taking into account things such as required qualifications and experience. Quickly and easily manage and track staff benefits and time off in lieu, staff budgeting and targets, staff scheduling, and much more using the Staff Management module.

The scheduling feature of the Staff Management module enables you to assign and manage staff based on various data, including skill areas of expertise, skill ratings and sets, and real-time availability.

The Staff Management module allows you to:

Compare Staff Target Billable Hours

Enable supervisors to set up per-staff targets including weekly work hours, billable hours, and billable amounts in as much detail as your firm requires. Monitor actual staff performance against individual targets in comparison to hours worked and allow them to see how they are performing.

Schedule Projects and Assign Work

Manage and schedule staff assignments and work queues, such as tasks, scheduled phone calls, and meetings. Assign work to staff based on their qualifications and prioritise staff items using a simple drag and drop system. Staff can only view items that they are qualified for and they can request additional work from the queue.

Track Staff Benefits

Maintain staff benefits automatically with program-generated accruals, including benefits, time in lieu, holidays, automated balance reductions via time entry, and automatic adjustments for annual carryover rules.

View and Manage Staff Schedules

Quickly monitor individual staff workload and quickly assign or re-assign scheduled items to staff with capacity using the Schedules tab of the Manage Staff screen. Identify items behind schedule and set reminders for planned items, including projects and tasks.

Staff Dashboard

Achieve Greater Efficiencies in the Cloud

Access Critical Information Away From Your Desk

The free Digita Practice mobile app allows you to access client, staff and practice information on-the-go so that you can conveniently access all of the data you need when away from your desk - increasing efficiency and reducing costs. You can even complete your timesheet on the move.

Digita Practice mobile app allows you to:

  • Access helpful client and staff data to review client interactions before an important meeting, check staff availability while you are out of the office, view the status of a project, and much more.
  • Get a high level view from staff members’ perspective with a recap of all the billable, non-billable, and administrative time entered for the week or review messages left for you in the office while you were out.
  • Enter time and expenses on the go, track mileage in real time using iPhone or Android GPS (or calculate the distance via map after the fact).
  • View the projects and tasks assigned to you.
  • See real-time firm-level data including the status of firm operations, review key firm data such as WIP and AR, staff projects, and client status. You can even see who has an active timer running.
Mobile app.

Expand Online Client Collaboration

Now you can easily create private, secure client portals with Digita NetClient to improve the service experience for your clients and save time for your firm. Private portals make it easy for you to provide your clients with 24/7 self-service access to their documents.

Transfer files back and forth, request files, ask for electronic approval, create new portals with ease, and save on printing, postage and filing costs. We also offer a free Digita Client Mobile App which allows your clients to access their documents from a mobile or tablet on-the-go.

Digita NetClient portals allow you to:

Client Portal
  • Provide a secure portal login for your clients through your website.
  • Give your clients 24/7 access to electronic copies of their financial documents.
  • Create custom client folders and structures to provide the best client experience.
  • Automated document delivery with FileCabinet integration, our electronic document management system.
  • Quickly and easily search for files, view file activity history and upload multiple files at once.
  • Secure 256-bit encryption protects your data as it travels between the data centre and your computer.

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