Digita Practice Management provides a central location for management of practice, client and contact data across all your Digita products enabling you to manage your clients and contacts in an easy to use environment. Providing one definitive client list ensures up-to-date information is always available to you throughout your Digita Professional Suite.

Benefits to your business

Easily Manage your Contacts and Clients

Categorisation of contacts and clients enables you to quickly and easily create lists of recipients for mailings and reporting. CM also enables you to create notes on client and contact files, to provide an up-to-date view of their status.

Reducing the risk of ID Fraud

Reduce the risk of identity fraud by tracking the verification of client documents; both user and date are recorded. You can also specify the location of the client's risk folder, to enable the quick retrieval of these documents.

Efficient Client Communication

Stay in touch easily with your clients by email or letter and, as CM intelligently links businesses and people, and staff with their clients, you can make the most of your practice data whilst removing the need for re-keying common information across your Digita suite.

Contact/Client Management

A contact is used to record any company, person, sole trader or partnership that has been in communication with your practice but is not yet a billable client. Once they become a client, you are able to seamlessly create the client record from the contact data.

Staff Management

Easily filter to see which staff hold the key relationships with clients and contacts.

For more information visit our Practice Management Software page.

Practice Management