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Digita Personal Tax software is the most established member in our Professional Suite offering a spectrum of powerful tools enriching the processes for personal tax compliance, partnerships, trust and estates tasks.

Digita Personal Tax Software for Making Tax Digital
At Thomson Reuters, we have a 30-year track record of ensuring that Digita customers remain compliant and up-to-date with new regulations and technology. The Making Tax Digital (“MTD”) initiative is perhaps the biggest change we have seen during this time, but rest assured we are already building MTD-enabled solutions.

Our development team has been working closely with HMRC, industry bodies and accountants in practice for over 12 months to build the enhancements required into our solutions, to incorporate MTD standards and processes. We expect to continue to be at the forefront of this development.


  • Save Time on Data Entry: Enter data and access client records efficiently through the MS explorer interface. Quickly overview tax returns and ‘drill down’ from entries on the on-screen return.
  • Tracker: Automatically track your tax return tasks.
  • Client Review: Managing risk to ensure data consistency from one year to the next.
  • TaxAware: A virtual tax adviser to cross reference and highlight potential savings.
  • Increase Efficiency & Eliminate Errors: Comprehensive tax computations accurately calculate your client’s tax liabilities. Basis periods for business clients and excluded income calculations for non-residents are automatically updated whenever data changes, ensuring the latest figures are instantly available.
  • Tax Exchange: For ultra efficient tax return completion - saving time and money. Tax Exchange brochure.
  • Budget Summary Report: Send a personalised budget summary to all your clients within hours of the budget. Download Budget Summary Estimator brochure.
Digita Personal Tax Workflow diagram

Digita Personal Tax as part of the Integrated Suite


Digita Personal Tax software as part of the Professional Suite offers a powerful range of integrated benefits for accountants, allowing you to manage your clients and contacts in a single database through Digita Practice Management, also enabling you to post your account figures directly into your personal tax return with Digita Accounts Production.

Digita Personal Tax Workflow diagram

Digita Personal Tax as part of the Integrated Suite


  • Digita Business Tax - Automatically posts profit shares to partners' personal tax returns.
  • Digita Trust Tax - Automatically posts income to beneficiaries personal tax returns.
  • Digita Dividend Data feed - Automatically calculates and entered on the tax return based on shareholdings and share transactions.
  • Digita Practice Management - Manage clients and contacts in a single database. Track work and generate correspondence across all of your clients and work types.
  • Digita Accounts Production - Post accounts figures directly to personal, business and trust tax returns.

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