The Digita iXBRL Conversion Tool from Thomson Reuters Tax & Accounting is the premier product for taking your existing final accounts Microsoft Word document and generating an iXBRL document ready for Mandatory HMRC Filing. It features:

  • intuitive user interface
  • ability to import rules from other documents to automatically generate tags
  • intelligence to build new rules from user review
  • clear and simple traffic light system for review and workflow
  • multiple taxonomy support
  • tag and dimension browser


HTML Viewer

The HTML viewer enables you to view the content of the generated iXBRL report. Use the iXBRL Highlight Options tab on the Options dialog to colour code iXBRL tags for easier viewing.

You can also use the viewer to open iXBRL reports generated from third party applications.

iXBRL Validation

This application performs an iXBRL validation check each time you tag or change an item in your report. Any 'pre-export' iXBRL errors are displayed in the mappings list under the associated mapping item. This enables you to resolve any iXBRL errors prior to generating your iXBRL report.

Auto Save

Recover and back up your documents in case of power failure or if the application unexpectedly closes.

Excel/CSV Export

Export fsm files and iXBRL reports direct to Microsoft Excel (if installed) or to a csv file if Excel is not installed. Click the Export button on the:

  • Mappings tab when viewing an fsm file
  • Facts pane when viewing an iXBRL report

Customising Your Workspace

Arrange your workspace according to personal preference. This is particularly useful if you use more than one computer monitor. You can do this by:

  • Moving, Docking and Floating Window Panes
  • Auto-hiding Window Panes
  • Resizing User Interface Elements

A reset link on the Application tab enables you to restore the default positions of all windows.

Reviewing Tagged Items

View multiple instances of a tagged item by highlighting the iXBRL tag in the taxonomy and pressing F12 to cycle through each of the corresponding facts in the report.

Sorting Mapping and Fact Lists

Sort mappings, via the Mappings list, and XBRL tags (facts) via the Facts pane when viewing fsm files and iXBRL reports respectively. Click the column header to sort the column contents, each column can be sorted in the order they appear in the document (default), descending and ascending order with subsequent clicks.

iXBRL Conversion Process


The product can be deployed to a local computer using documents based on an office network, keeping the data securely within the customers own organisation.

Digita iXBRL Conversion is released with the UK GAAP, IFRS, FRS 101 and FRS 102 taxonomies as well as the UK Charities taxonomy.

Importing your current final accounts from a source document enables the customer to independently apply the conversion routines, irrespective of the method of generation. This compensates for any inadvertent changes that a preparer may make to the original document, as no ixbrl tags are embedded within the source document.

Digita iXBRL Conversion is a manual tagging tool using easy drag and drop functionality. For an automated iXBRL solution see our Accounts Production Software.


  • Our solutions have HMRC recognition and are listed on their website.

  • Conversion Tool: Intelligence to learn from previously entered data and choices made.
  • Manual Tagging: Easy drag and drop functionality.
  • Traffic Light Functionality: Works with the customers mappings, enabling visibility on what hasn't been tagged that they would expect to be tagged.
  • Save Feature: On completion of tagging of accounts, simply save the document in iXBRL format through a button at the top of your screen.
  • Accounting Standards: Digita iXBRL Conversion is released with the UK GAAP and IFRS full and minimum taxonomies as well as the UK Charities taxonomy and with a commitment to update the software whenever changes are made.


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