Currently, accounts filed electronically in PDF format are just an image of the accounts as they would appear if printed. These are easy to produce using Adobe Acrobat because they are only intended to be read by people. PDF converters know nothing about the meaning of the content.

iXBRL is quite different, it is designed to be read by computers and that means that the information has to be laid out in a very specific way, with 'tags' to identify the meaning of the information in the accounts.

the process currently looks something like this:

  • Receive the client's business records.
  • Adjustments made to get from trial balance to final accounts.
  • Produce the final formatted version using either Microsoft Excel or Microsoft Word.
  • Create a PDF for internet filing.

Switch completely to Digita Accounts Production


If you mostly receive paper records from your clients, or are unable to import your clients bookkeeping records and you manually copy them into your existing worksheets, this option probably makes the most sense as you can continue to collate and adjust the figures from the bookkeeping records in one system by replacing Microsoft Excel with Digita Accounts Production software.

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