Simply enter the number of shares held at the beginning of the tax year, or the transactions that make up the shareholding, and the dividend calculator module will then calculate the amount of dividends received based upon the holding at the ex-dividend dates. Additional shares acquired via DRIP/Scrip are automatically included in the holding 'count' for the next ex-dividend date. CGT acquisition costs of these shares are calculated automatically. The module will automatically update and roll forward the correct number of shares as the opening balance in the following tax year.

The advantage of this technology is that by using the module to create the schedule of dividend income, the user's role is reduced to that of auditing the result. This saves significant time and reduces error.

The full Dividend Data Feed contains thousands of UK listed Equity and Managed Fund data records. It even contains a large selection of Managed Funds that pay interest as opposed to a dividend. The range of equities and managed funds available to the dividend calculator module transforms the speed and accuracy with which your practice processes client dividend information.

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Digita Dividend Data Feed