Data Mining

When you use Digita software to prepare your clients tax returns, you build up a comprehensive database of information that is invaluable in providing your clients with advice on their business and tax affairs.

Digita Data Mining gives you the tools to use that data easily and efficiently with none of the complexity usually involved in extracting data from SQL databases and all of the ease of use and intuitiveness that you expect from Digita software applications.


  • Intuitive interface makes query building simple
  • Powerful easy to use query builder lets you to find just the data you want
  • See results as you build up your report
  • Reports can be printed, saved or exported to Microsoft Excel for further analysis
  • Report templates can be saved for future use
  • Flexible security model allows you to give your staff access to powerful data mining tools without compromising the security of your confidential client data


  • Identify additional services for your firm
  • Manage risk with our integrated TaxAware tool
  • Fill any gaps in your database
  • Search on firm’s information
  • Search on 3rd party data sources

Use data mining tools to highlight clients at risk

“All of the information you have ever recorded about a tax client is stored and can be used to highlight discrepancies. The tool allows you to analyse data on businesses at risk.”


Simple client information reports Custom reports to show contact and basic information: Code, Name, Address, Telephone, Dates of Birth, Death, Marriage etc.p>

Filtered client information reports Report on your clients reaching retirement age, are higher rate taxpayers or clients with capital gains.

Payment Reports Combine client data with tax payment information and apply filters to identify clients with tax payments due.

Tax Schedule Reports Report on clients with new or ceased income sources or clients with a specific income source e.g. a specific shareholding or a specific employer

Digita Data Mining screenshot


The new enhanced data source increased the power of the Data Mining product by extending the reporting capabilities to the computational values for your clients, and allows complex queries to be built up across income types.

Examples of reports that can be generated are as follow

Clients who are effected by a Budget change If a new Budget measure impacts on any client who has total income over a certain limit and meets certain criteria, the enhanced reporting will help you identify those effected, so planning can be considered.

Tax Planning Opportunities exposed Another example report could be all clients with income in the range of £100,000 to £120,000, who do not currently make pension contributions. The report can then be used to generate a mail merge to the effected clients suggesting pension contributions or other reliefs could benefit their tax position.

Workflow and Tracker Combine all your Digita Personal Tax tracked information in one place. Compare at staff, Manager or Partner level. Monitor KPI data to ensure work is progressing smoothly.



Digita Data Mining