CT600 & Tax Computation Software for Accounting Firms

Digita Corporation Tax provides your accounting firm with easy to use CT600 software that is fully automated, allowing you to prepare and submit your tax computations and CT600 tax returns both efficiently and accurately to to HMRC. Take a closer look at some of the benefits of our tax computations and CT600 software:


Digita Corporation Tax software has full support for HMRC iXBRL filing including automatic tagging whilst also providing the ability for tags to be added manually. Tags are checked against HMRC requirements automatically. Incorporates the ability to review and sort tags to confirm they are valid.

  • Save time and expense with automatic iXBRL tagging
  • Ensure accuracy of tags with built in checks to HMRC iXBRL validations
  • Easy review of tags to ensure compliance
iXBRL Tagging


Digita Corporation Tax software uses an intelligent information explorer tree arranged in a workflow format from most to least used schedules. Only the schedules used in a period are rolled forward to the following period meaning that you can easily see where data was entered previously.

  • Easy to follow step by step layout
  • Intelligent roll forward removes unused schedules
  • Indicators show whether a schedule is empty, contains information or is completed
Navigational Ease


This simple feature of Digita Corporation Tax deals with online filing of corporation tax returns through a single screen. The assembly and validation of the required documents occurs in a single place before submitting directly to HMRC or sending to an outbox for later batch filing.

  • All documents gathered in one location
  • Validation against HMRC rules carried out before submission
  • Ability to file directly or batch file later
Simple Online Filing

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