Demands around corporate tax compliance are increasingly complex in today’s changing regulatory environment.

There are growing regulatory and professional business risks for those companies who get it wrong. The revised penalty regime makes mistakes more costly with potentially higher penalties. Additionally, HMRC has adopted a more system-based approach to compliance rather than substantive review. With the enhanced focus on the tax compliance process companies need to ensure that their tax processes are robust, accurate, and reliable.

Thomson Reuters can help you address all these issues with Digita Corporation Tax Advanced software.

Find out how accounting firms like Thomas Westcott are benefitting from moving to Digita Corporation Tax Advanced.

Interested in a premium corporation tax solution? Take a look at our Digita Corporation Tax Enterprise?


  • Corporation Tax Advanced is powered by ONESOURCE Corporate Tax (formerly ABACUS). This market leading software helps over 400 large multinational corporations manage the ever-changing tax compliance requirements in a range of countries. It is designed by tax professionals for tax professionals, making computation preparation and review efficient and easy. Using Digita Corporation Tax Advanced you can choose on a case by case, and even a year by year basis, whether to use the simple, streamlined calculations of Digita Corporation Tax or the more powerful Advanced calculations. No matter which you choose, all tracking and management reporting is performed in one place.
  • We maintain and update the latest tax rules, which enable you to focus on your tax compliance rather than the implications of changing regulations.
  • With new technology requirements for filing in effect, our software ensures that the impact to your process is minimal. Our approach is that you do the computation just as you always have, with no need for additional analysis — our software will apply tags automatically.
  • Extensive features, including an audit trail and versioning, make it easy to review your returns.
  • With transparent architecture, clickable cross references, cross-checking and reconciliations, the SAO is assured that computations have been prepared correctly and that the risk of penalisation has been mitigated.


Our comprehensive compliance solution provides the tools that you need to prepare tax computations, reports and returns for companies based in the United Kingdom, Ireland, Netherlands, Hong Kong, and New Zealand. Online filing is supported in jurisdictions where it is mandatory.

In the UK, we support trading and investment companies, foreign income, complex gains calculation, multi-currency handling, deferred tax calculations, multi-trades, and REITs. Since our product is used by over 50 per cent of the FTSE 100 you can be confident that you won’t be alone; other people will share your requirements and we will meet those needs.

Our tax-qualified development team ensure that the software is up to date with changes in the legislation and technology - eliminating the time-consuming burden of maintaining your own models and allowing you to concentrate on other strategic activities.

Digita Corporation Tax Advanced software also offers the option of a fully hosted solution to minimise any impact and cost on your in-house IT function.


Powered by ONESOURCE, this is our premium corporation tax solution building on the success of Digita Corporation Tax and Corporation Tax Advanced.

Designed to cater for the demands of the largest of accounting practices, it allows you to meet the compliance requirements of the most complex and diverse UK entities together with a range of other countries.

The software caters for multiple users, across of a number of offices and an unlimited number of computations but at the same time allows a user to easily track and manage his or her individual client portfolio. The software can be fully hosted for flexibility and to minimise any impact and cost on your in-house IT function.


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