Helps you to protect your companies against ID theft. Sentinel will alert you when filings are made against your companies at Companies House.

Simply choose the companies and form types that you wish to monitor. Sentinel will then work silently in the background keeping watch on your companies' public records and advising you when new filings are made.

Sentinel can also make you aware of legitimate filings made by a client company without your knowledge, and can provide confirmation that filed accounts and statutory forms have been received by Companies House.

  • Monitor all filings made against your companies
  • Confirmation of your own filings
  • Keep track of direct filings made by the company, bank etc
  • Protect against malicious and fraudulent filings


Transmit iXBRL accounts that you have produced to Companies House in seconds. You can also generate Annual Returns from Digita Company Secretarial and transmit them. Produce statutory forms automatically, ready for transmission, when a variety of other corporate changes occur. Such changes include of officers and their details, changes of addresses etc. After transmission Digita Company Secretarial will check whether filings have been accepted. In the case of accounts and annual returns, when confirmation of acceptance is received from Companies House, it will automatically roll forward filing deadlines in its Task List to the following year.

  • File iXBRL accounts to Companies House electronically
  • Prepare and file annual returns in seconds
  • Auto-generate statutory forms when corporate changes occur
  • Keep track of company filing deadlines


With its built-in links to Companies House', you can import details of existing companies into your database. This includes all of the information that you would normally find in an annual return.

The amount of information that you will need to enter manually is therefore reduced to a minimum while accuracy will be enhanced. Subsequently, whenever you wish, you can cross-check details of companies that are stored in your database against the current details at Companies House, to make sure that both are up to date and consistent.

  • Import details of existing companies
  • Check your company details against those held at Companies House
  • Update your company details with those from Companies House
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