Business Tax Software for Accountants

Digita Business Tax software brings more power to your practice. It will calculate basis periods, assessable profits, overlap profits and capital allowances for both sole traders and partnerships.

Our Business Tax solution can calculate basis period, overlap and assessable profit figures for commencement and cessation of trade and change of accounting date situations for both sole traders and partners. If you do not have accounting data from commencement, you can enter overlap profit figures and overlap days from a specific point in time. Our business tax software produces the Partnership Self Assessment Tax Return form SA800 and all supporting pages. The module also supports the treatment of accounting year ends that fall between 31/3 and 4/4.

You can convert a partnership of one remaining partner to a sole trader and vice versa.

In the case of capital allowances calculations, all the major pools are supported and claims calculated by the module can be overridden if needed. The situation where a partner has personal capital allowances and personal expenses is also fully supported, which is invaluable when dealing with professional partnerships.


For partnerships, profits are automatically apportioned to the partners and their taxable figures posted to their personal, tax return schedules in Digita Personal Tax, Business and Trust Tax.

Importing Data

Import data from a range of proprietary final accounts software, Excel, and Digita Accounts Production.

Customer Support and Training

Digita provides expert and friendly customer support via a dedicated portal, telephone and email. Online training is freely available (both live and recorded sessions) to deal with specific topics, and on-site training is available on request.


Import data from Excel. Export reports to Word. Import contacts and email reports through Outlook.

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Digita Business Tax