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Digita Accounts Production Software

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Financial reporting software that updates and compares vital changes to all your existing clients.

Digita Accounts Production offers powerful financial reporting software that has been successfully used by the professional market for over 10 years. It sits within the Digita Professional Suite of products as part of our core compliance software range, integrating with Practice Management, Corporate Tax and Personal Tax to share data efficiently and effectively. It has made its name as a powerful, elegant and flexible solution with all the refined and robust detail you would expect from Digita software.

We are currently going through a huge amount of legislative change impacting the reporting environment for many entities in the UK. With the necessary templates developed in Digita Accounts Production we want to ensure that you have got what you need to keep your clients up to date and compliant regardless of the rate of change.

Financial Statements and Reporting

For all your financial statements and reporting needs, Digita Accounts Production provides a comprehensive range of legislative and iXBRL compliant financial reporting templates. These can be branded to show client corporate identity for all formats supported and customised to meet both yours and your clients' needs with regard to specific wording and disclosure requirements.

The AP Formats we support are:

IFRS ROI GAAP Charities - Unincorporated Sole Trade - Doctors
FRS 101 Micro Entities Charities - Incorporated Partnership - Standard
FRS 102 LLPs Sole Trade - Standard Partnership - Farmers
UK GAAP (FRSSE) Academies Sole Trade - Farmers Partnership - Doctors




  • Complete audit trail
  • Establish user rights
  • Maintain legislative compliance
Accounts Production Workflow


  • Brand reports using your clients' corporate identity
  • Insert and customise disclosures and notes
  • Amend tables with Smart Table Editor
  • Develop your own reports


Digita Accounts Production software sits as a powerful and flexible solution within the Professional Suite, allowing you to post account figures directly into your personal and corporate tax returns, through Digita Personal, Business and Trust Tax and Digita Corporation Tax. Digita Practice Management integration allows for client and contact management in a single database and is fully iXBRL compliant.

Digita Accounts Production as part of the Integrated Suite

Digita Accounts Production as part of the Integrated Suite


  • Digita Personal Tax - Post accounts figures directly to personal, business and trust tax returns.
  • Digita Corporation Tax - Post accounts figures directly to corporate tax returns.
  • Digita Practice Management - Manage clients and contacts in a single database. Track work and generate correspondence across all of your clients and work types.


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