Digita launches Sentinel to Guard Against Company Theft

17 January 2006

Accountancy software developer Digita has launched a new version of its company secretarial solution featuring Sentinel, special monitoring technology that constantly checks official records and alerts any attempt to tamper with corporate identity.

Worries over company identity security have grown over the last year with over 50 cases of fraud now being reported each month. No company is immune - even one belonging to BHS billionaire Philip Green was recently targeted by fraudsters.

Ian Manson, Product Manager for Digita CoSec Pro said:

"Speed is of the essence. Building upon our Public Record Checker, that instantly cross checks a users' records against Companies House data, the addition of Sentinel, Digita CoSec Pro will now immediately alert users whenever a form relating to one of their companies is added to the public record. You can accept alerts where they relate to known filings or flag them for investigation as appropriate."

Sentinel underpins Companies House own ‘PROOF’ scheme (protected on-line filing) which only accepts password protected electronic annual returns and notifications of changes to officers and registered office.

Ian Manson said:

"As company theft is such a serious and rapidly growing problem, we felt it was important that all of our users could benefit from this innovative technology and therefore have decided to make Sentinel free to users of Digita CoSec Pro."

"Corporate identity theft plays the numbers game. Fraudsters have relied on the fact that the odds of a change to the public record being picked up quickly have been very low, giving them time to commit their crime and vanish. Now however, the likelihood that the police will be aware of an attempted fraud at a very early stage is set to increase."

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