Customer Support is a key issue in software selection

04 July 2005

Glover Stanbury opt for Digita’s Accounts Pro

Along side functionality, security and cost-effectiveness, customer support is emerging as a key issue for practitioners when they are buying new software.

Software developers Digita believe the availability of a customer support team and the product managers themselves to answer technical questions and resolve emerging problems, is winning them business from competitors who prefer to invest in sales forces rather than technical back up.

Kevin Salter, a partner with North Devon firm Glover Stanbury and a recent winner of the Lexis Nexis Best Tax Software Award, was clear about his decision to acquire Digita’s Accounts Pro product.

He said:

"The software is very up to date so it’s utilizing the latest technology. It’s intuitive, easy to use and visually pleasing.

"However, a major factor in the decision to change from our previous software provider was of lack of support. Communications with them seemed to have vanished into a black hole.

"With Digita they listen to feedback and are prepared to adapt and change."

Jerry Rihll, Digita’s managing director added:

"It has been our policy from Day one that close communications with our customers not only benefits them but provides us with fundamental information for further software development.

"Many of our new customers now perceive legacy software as cumbersome and non-responsive. The contact between these developers and practitioners is always about sales and rarely about functionality."

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