Ascot Firm Changes Horses For A Winning Future

09 June 2005

Ascot-based firm Accountax Ltd which offers accountancy, business advisory and tax services, has changed software horses, switching from a large single database supplier to independent supplier Digita.

Terry Loring, Accountax Ltd Principal said:

"Digita software is very easy to install and one of my staff who can be technophobic got to grips with it immediately. The software is easy to follow, and quite importantly, it’s easy on the eye."

"I like its data processing capability and, crucially, I have confidence in the software. Price isn’t as important as functionality but Digita software is very practical as well as cost-effective."

"With Digita, I have been getting a very prompt response when I have a technical query but, to be honest, I haven’t had many of those. The different software components talk easily to each other and the reports are delivered in a much more pleasing format than other software which is important when reporting to the Revenue and to clients themselves."

Many analysts question whether the single database model is cost effective and flexible enough to cope with the demands of the practice. Initially the idea of a central client database seems attractive, but unless the supplier is committed to open standards you are locked in to often impenetrable proprietary technology.

Nigel Powell, Digita Business Development Manager commented:

"Concerns about technology and licensing lock-ins and a lack of choice, innovation and flexibility all contribute to the sense of frustration felt by many users of single database software. And what happens if he shuts down or doubles his prices or even when one or more applications in the bunch won’t do what the customer wants?"

"Continuing the racing theme, Accountax Ltd is first out of the starting gate and favourite when it comes to betting on best of breed, independence and choice."

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