New Deferred Tax module assists in FRS 19 compliance

18 May 2005

Digita has announced that its Corporation Tax software now has an optional module to handle the increasing complexities of Deferred Tax.

This new module will further enhance the increasingly popular Digita CoTax Pro and will provide a number of benefits including the ability to calculate accelerated capital allowance automatically from data entered in the capital allowances and fixed asset reconciliation.

The new module also allows balances to be rolled forward as well as dealing with both balance sheet and profit and loss calculations, providing a proof of tax .

Digita Product Manager Laura Brutti commented: 'There is very little user input so this module will save a lot of time. Digita CoTax Pro is very easy to use and will certainly take the pain out of the Non Corporate Distributions calculation.' 'We believe this software will help practitioners control costs by relieving the burden of Corporation Tax work.'

Digita CoTax Pro will be appearing at Digita’s national roadshow in June. For more information call Digita Sales on 01395 270311 or visit

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