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24 February 2005

The importance of closely monitoring and complying with Companies House filing deadlines has been highlighted once again by the recent case of a Scottish court's sympathetic treatment a company director who assaulted his accountant for missing a filing deadline, as a result of which he had received a hefty fine from Companies House.

Accountancy software developer Digita has been quick to point out that using the latest version of its company secretarial solution might have avoided a very unfortunate situation. Digita Company Secretarial solution is designed to prevent the very situation that caused this most recent and unfortunate altercation. It incorporates the latest technologies such as Companies House electronic filing and direct Companies House data access to ensure that all statutory duties are carried out accurately, efficiently and on-time.

Digita Managing Director Jerry Rihll said:

"We believe that Digita software is capable of protecting a practitioner’s health as well as his pocket!"

"Our built in public record checker allows practitioners to check that Companies House records tally with their own and integration with our corporation tax solution allows through-flow of accurate information from Companies House to Company Secretarial to Taxation."

Digita is hosting corporate solutions seminars for accountants nationwide during March.

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