Thomson Reuters Sets the New Standard for Document Management with Digita FileRoom

15 May 2014

Thomson Reuters, the world’s leading supplier of intelligent information for businesses and professionals, today announced the launch of Digita FileRoom, the first online integrated document management and workflow solution for medium to large accountancy firms. Functionality extends beyond rich and comprehensive document management to powerful workflow tools that automate the tracking of key workflow processes so that deadlines are never missed. This integration means that the correct documents can be held as a part of the workflow and be available at exactly the right moment, whilst also being securely stored within the document management system. Digita FileRoom sets the new standard for electronic document and workflow management software by combining these two essential elements in a scalable and highly configurable solution.

Thomson Reuters is committed to helping tax and accounting professionals adapt to a more flexible mobile working environment through the development of online solutions, so that they can enjoy maximum productivity with the associated benefits of lower cost of ownership, rapid deployment and more flexibility.

Accountancy practices that use Digita FileRoom have peace of mind from knowing that their data is protected and always available even in the event of fire, theft or natural disaster. The user-friendly interface of Digita FileRoom is highly intuitive and this facilitates immediate time savings by making it easy to store or locate documents in seconds, any time and anywhere. The workflow functionality helps automate complex business processes, streamline client engagement and proactively monitor activity from start to finish.Digita FileRoom delivers enterprise-level security and convenience, with data kept safe and secure in state-of-the-art data centres with the highest level of security – tier 4.

Features include:
• Document management in the Cloud, allowing accountants secure access to documents at any time and wherever they are
• Highly configurable and scalable
• Flexible email capabilities and fast drag and drop process from Microsoft Outlook directly into Digita FileRoom for easy storage
• Powerful management and exception reporting
• Briefcase facility to allow documents to be stored locally and synchronised at a later date.

"For more and more accountants, working with documents electronically is fast becoming the default option,"
says Andrew Flanagan, Digita managing director.
"Our primary goal is to save our customers time with fast and easy document searching, batch scanning and automatic filing using barcode technology. Digita FileRoom combines workflow and document management in a single online system."

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