Thomson Reuters Launches Hosted Solution for UK Practices with Digita Virtual Office

07 June 2013

LONDON, June 6 2013 -- The Tax & Accounting business of Thomson Reuters today announced the launch of Digita Virtual Office; a Cloud-based solution that provides accountants in practice with anytime, anywhere remote access to the full Digita Professional Suite of software. The suite comprises software for personal and corporation tax, accounts production, company secretarial and practice management. Digita Virtual Office takes advantage of the convenience of the web without any loss of functionality in its award-winning software. By leveraging Cloud-based solutions in the Digita Virtual Office environment, accountants will be relieved of the time and cost implications of maintaining IT and will be in a stronger position to drive new levels of productivity and competitive advantage.

There are significant advantages of accessing software through Digita Virtual Office and these include enhanced business efficiency and productivity, cost reductions in terms of hardware and maintenance, security upgrades, better disaster recovery and assured business continuity in case of fire, theft or natural disaster.

The Cloud forms an important part of the future IT strategy of many UK accountancy firms, according to the results of the latest survey commissioned by Thomson Reuters. Over 1300 accountants took part in the research which reveals that more than 11% already have Cloud-based or hosted solutions, 4% plan to move pieces of their solution to the Cloud in the next 12 months and just over 1% are moving all of their solution to the Cloud in the next 12 months and 17% said that they would like to move to the Cloud in the future. The survey shows that the main reason practices are looking to move to Cloud-based solutions is to allow employees to work remotely; for example, from client’ premises and to enable use of new mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets.

"The Cloud environment provides secure anytime, anywhere software access and holds the potential to bring about some of the most far reaching efficiency and productivity improvements ever seen in the tax and accounting profession,"
commented Andrew Flanagan, Digita managing director.

"By centralising IT with Thomson Reuters, the world’s leading source of intelligent information for businesses and professionals in tax and accounting, firms can be confident that they have chosen a technology partner with both the expertise and experience to offer the very best and most secure Cloud environment."

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