iXBRL is so much easier with Digita Software from Thomson Reuters

15 June 2012

Earlier this year, Brookes Sivyer implemented Digita software, having spent twenty years as a dedicated and loyal customer of a widely used practice software house. Mark Sivyer, founder of the growing East Sussex practice, thought he would never need to change his accountancy software; but as he watched the level of service deteriorate and the annual fees increase, he decided enough was enough.

Mark began an evaluation of the market and the practice implemented the Digita integrated software suite from Thomson Reuters. Mark explained:

"What impresses me about Digita software is how fresh and modern it looks; it makes my previous software look positively dated."

According to Mark.

"Digita software is the one to watch"

He adds

"The practice management software is like a breath of fresh air and we particularly like the Data Mining tool as it makes it easy to get information out. The work in progress (WIP) reporting, raising of bills and time sheets are all great and we love the fact that we can make our own choices when using the interim billing facility."
Mark has no hesitation in recommending Digita software for iXBRL compliance. He said:
"Our previous software was a real pain as you were forced to code part transactions yourself. iXBRL is so much easier with Digita as the software knows what is in the cell and there is no need to do any coding."
So confident are the Brookes Sivyer team with the Digita handling of iXBRL compliance; they no longer even run pre-validation checks.

Mark describes the last few months as a ‘steep learning curve’ but he says he now has the software ‘cracked’. The move has been worth it and as Mark summed up:

"The licence fees in year two will be 30% less than we were paying our former supplier, which is very good news. We even have more products with Digita as we have taken Company Secretarial too."

He concluded:

"In these times, software houses cannot afford to be arrogant; they need to look after the customers they have got."

It is clear that support is a key reason why practices are switching software suppliers as Mark has clearly identified and he recommends that any accountants carry out a regular evaluation of software providers. He is happy to talk to anyone thinking of changing.

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