New Alliance between Thomson Reuters and SWATUK

10 August 2010

EXMOUTH, August 2010 – Two of the UK’s best known suppliers in the accountancy profession have joined forces to develop a new product that will help accountancy firms communicate more effectively with their clients on routine compliance.

SWATUK and Digita from the Tax & Accounting business of Thomson Reuters have been tailoring SWATUK’s best-selling Practice Assurance Manual, so that it integrates fully with Digita’s Practice Management software.

The Practice Assurance Manual is a step-by-step compliance guide for implementing best practice systems and procedures, enabling accountancy firms to improve their efficiency and effectiveness in working with their clients. The Manual includes; general office procedures, incorporated and unincorporated accounts preparation work, all areas of tax, money laundering regulation, practice management topics, masses of standard letter templates, forms, checklists and ideas for best practice.

This new relationship between SWATUK and Digita creates an exciting fusion of software and content that will enable users to get the maximum from their investment in their practice software. Previously, users have bought their content and then had to tailor it to their software, or more likely, simply type the relevant client information onto the appropriate standard letter. The Digita version of the Practice Assurance Manual has imbedded mail merge codes, so that the relevant client data is automatically selected by the system. This is far more than simply dragging in the name and address for a letter. The client’s tax liabilities, assignment principals and other information, is used to automatically populate hundreds of standard letters, forms and checklists.

Mike Sturgess, managing director, SWATUK said:

"We see our relationship with Digita as being an important step in the way firms operate in the future. Increasingly accountancy firms are looking at ways of working more efficiently and technology is one way of achieving this. By combining two great products in the form of the Practice Assurance Manual and Digita’s dynamic Practice Management software, SWATUK believe that companies will benefit tremendously from a much more streamlined, intelligent system."

The Digita version of the Manual is available electronically from SWATUK ( and will be updated at least twice a year, so that the information in the templates remains prevalent.

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