Digita Tops Corporate Tax Success Rate for Online Filing

02 February 2010

Statistics released by HMRC reveal the extent of disruption caused during the first month of operating its new platform for internet filing of Corporation Tax returns.

Accountants using HMRC’s system, which went live on November 23 2009, were only able to file 88% of returns successfully, and those using third party software didn’t fare much better with only 89% success.

The outstanding exception was Digita Corporation Tax which, according to published HMRC figures, achieved a success rate of 99.54%, over 10% better than the average across all other products.

With Digita Personal Tax also leading the field for filing of personal tax returns with a consistent success rate of over 98% every month since the new tax year began last April, Digita customers have one less thing to worry about at one of the busiest times in the tax year.

With the news that Digita has successfully completed initial test filings of tax computations and accounts to HMRC in the new iXBRL format, which will be compulsory next year, Digita customers can expect to be just as happy this time next year.

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