07 October 2009

With Digita users first to electronically file new forms at Companies House

The final major swathe of Companies Act 2006 provisions which became law on 1 October will radically change the landscape for those dealing with Companies House, whether as filers or consumers of company information, according to Ian Manson of Thomson Reuters.

"Companies and their professional advisors will have to become familiar with many changes, said Manson. These include a completely new set of some 300 different types of Companies House forms, with new numbers and in many cases new content requirements."

Directors will no longer be required to disclose their residential addresses on the public register, instead they will provide a 'service address'; there are new requirements for the contents of companies' statutory registers and new rules governing where these and other company records must be made available for inspection.

To this end a new concept, a company's 'single alternative inspection location' address has been introduced. Companies that have previously opted in to the Companies House 'Protected Online Filing' (PROOF) scheme must opt in again to continue to benefit from the protection that it offers against 'company hijacking'.

Companies acting as officers of other companies will be required to declare additional information about how and where they are registered, making it easier to identify them. These and many other changes will affect not just British companies; from October Companies House becomes a UK wide registry, also serving companies in Northern Ireland.

Ian Manson continued:

"At this watershed Thomson Reuters is pleased to announce the successful launch of the new Digita Company Secretarial software.

"It has been extensively updated to provide a raft of new Companies Act 2006 forms most of which can be transmitted instantly to Companies House via its new XML filing gateway.

"No sooner had the Companies House XML Gateway filing system gone live for Companies Act 2006 Act forms this morning, 5 October 2009, than Digita Company Secretarial made the first successful submissions of a variety of new 2006 Act forms.

"Among these were the new Annual Return form AR01 and the Change of Director’s Details form CH01. In this case the CH01 was used to take advantage of the new ‘service address’ regime, in accordance with which company officers are no longer required to disclose their residential addresses on the public record.

"The software also provides new statutory company registers, including the new Register of Directors Residential Addresses, while helping deal with the new single alternative inspection address locations and directors’ service addresses.

"While Companies House updates its PROOF system to prevent unauthorised filings, Digita Company Secretarial's Sentinel feature, updated with the new Companies Act 2006 form types, will continue to pro-actively monitor for filings against users companies, providing even more protection."

An established user, Chartered Certified Accountants Pinnick Lewis commented:

"It all looks like it is working well and correctly - the electronic filing is a great improvement. Looks like a lot of hard work has gone into this!"

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