08 April 2009

Following the successful release of LLPs in September 2008, Digita Accounts Production has followed up with charity account formats.

Digita Managing Director Jerry Rihll said:

"SORP (Statement of Recommended Practice) compliant charity accounts are inherently and structurally complex, and historically, accounts production programs have failed to fully streamline their production.

"Digita Accounts Production’s advanced design has enabled us to produce a charity accounts module that is just as straightforward to post as our other regulatory formats.

"Where other accounts preparation applications have struggled to integrate funds and resources into their nominal code structures, Digita has delivered a customisable fund and resource facility to compliment the nominal codes."

Product Manager Max Thomas explained:

"Users will feel comfortable with the new functionality; the chart of accounts is closely based on the existing limited company chart. Analysis of Funds and Resources is done as part of the prime data entry so speeding up the process and the fact that there is no re-posting of data to get compliant analysis makes the new software much more efficient."

Comments from firms who have seen early release versions of charities include 'can be used straight out of the box', 'most powerful charities product on the market', and 'bamboozled by what it can do'.

The new version of Digita Accounts Production will be available from early May.

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