09 March 2009

Software developer Digita has published a White Paper discussing the recent changes in tax software and why accountancy practices should consider changing too.

Leading independent tax software expert Graham Tilbury was commissioned by Digita to research and write the paper following an acclaimed article on tax software compliance published in Taxation magazine.

He said:

"The paper was based on interviews with senior figures in Top 10 and Big Four practices as well as informal briefings with a wide spectrum of practitioners and it reflects my personal experiences in the sector.

"It is important that accountants in practice reflect on the wider issues and understand the scope of potential changes in tax software requirements going forward so that they have the capability of adapting to those changes."

The paper argues that as many of last year’s products are being phased out, the inevitability of the disruption of retraining and data migration caused by this suggests that 2009 may be the right time for review.

The full text of the White Paper can be downloaded by visiting

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