Digita vision backed by ICAEW Survey

12 February 2007

The ICAEW’s recent research report into the market for accountancy software revealed that practices criticised their software suppliers for not developing products that are sufficiently integrated and that they were not doing enough to enable data sharing where practices use more than one supplier.

The ICAEW Survey shows that contrary to software advertising claims, the fact is that most accountancy practices prefer more than one software supplier and accountants believe that those systems are not sufficiently integrated.

Digita has implemented the ICAEW xAPL Open Standard across its practice software suite and will launch them at its annual conference being held at the Forest of Arden Hotel & Country Club near Coventry on 15th/16th March. Also, Digita has developed a software development kit for third party software suppliers to integrate with Digita using the ICAEW xAPL open standard.

The Digita suite harnesses all the strengths inherent in practice software solutions and enables them to work together.

Digita Managing Director Jerry Rihll said:

"More and more accounting firms are finding that they can benefit from best of breed software without the hassle of re-typing data or risk of being locked-in to a single system."

"Monopolies make for poor progress. Accountants should be free to choose the best of breed software to fulfil their specific requirements. The challenge is now for practices to demand their suppliers do likewise."

Details of the Digita Annual Conference can be found at

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