Digita Accounts Production Regional Training Events

14 November 2006

The latest release of Digita Accounts Production incorporated a host of new features and enhancements to the user experience, including a revolutionary report editing system.

With this in mind Digita created a series of regional one day seminars designed to provide cost effective training for small and medium sized firms. To ensure maximum benefit for attendees, each was provided with their own laptop.

Presented by Digita Accounts Production Product Manager Simon Witkiss, with the assistance of Digita Training Consultant Greg Evans, the training covered all of the new features in the latest version as well as an in-depth review of the core functionality. This included examining all the different options of data input to minimise time spent in the data collection process.

The seminars concluded with an open forum where customers were able to understand and influence future development strategy.

Simon Witkiss said

"In practice, we’ve found that it is common for firms to spend half of their time on accounts preparation just processing the client’s books and records. Quite often this will include analysing the data in Excel before posting into the accounts software. By utilising the unique data entry methods available in Digita Accounts Production, it is easy to post the client’s records straight into the software in whatever format they might be in. This then leads to huge time savings and avoids any duplication of effort or data."

Simon continued:

"It is a great privilege for me to spend this time with users and share our vision for Digita Accounts Production, both for today and for the future."

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