Carter Survival Guide

22 June 2006

Digita White Paper says it’s not all bad news.

Following a successful series of packed seminars examining the implications of the review of HMRC online services by Lord Carter of Coles, Digita has published a guide containing leading professionals top 10 tips to 'survive Carter'.

Digita's managing director Jerry Rihll said

"Lord Carter's recommendations to reduce the tax filing season have caused heated debate and Lord Carter himself has acknowledged that there may be scope to re-consider the proposals."

"We are all waiting to see what this means, but whether the proposals are adopted in whole, or in part, it makes good sense to consider the implications, plan for the future and move to a smarter way of working that could prove to be more profitable."

Digita has corresponded with HM Revenue & Customs, leading tax writers, general practitioners and leading industry influencers.

This guide, produced with their help, examines the impact of the Carter report, particularly in respect of the proposed earlier tax return filing dates, and suggests actions that could be taken which will help practices to not just survive the changes, but to derive positive benefits from them.

"Many are saying that this could be the most significant change to affect the profession since the introduction of self-assessment'' added Jerry Rihll ''and although Lord Carter may re-consider his proposals, practices need to prepare for a challenging future."

The free Carter Survival Guide can be downloaded from the Digita web site at

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