Digita software is both an integrated and best-of-breed solution which has been developed to work with central client and contacts lists that only contain information that really is common. Financial data is shared seamlessly when needed, for example, final accounts figures which are required for a tax return come from transactions in an accounts database where they cannot be affected by changes made to the tax software.

Digita Integration

Specific practical benefits of an integrated suite are the central database and minimised manual data entry:

A central database

Client and contact details (name, address, telephone numbers, email addresses etc.) are held in a central database and shared for use when preparing tax returns and accounts. This saves time as information is only entered once and risk is reduced as the most accurate and up-to-date information is always used.

Data sharing between products

Accounts figures no longer have to be entered in the tax software but are transferred from accounts to the tax return. Again, this saves time as data does not have to be re-keyed and typing errors are eliminated.

Free of the legacy of a database that is compromised by having to serve many different purposes, Digita software can be developed faster than other suppliers using the latest available technologies, meaning we can react to legislative changes and provide software updates sooner to our customers than other suppliers.


Practices using Digita integrated solutions are enjoying efficiency gains from software that is faster, more intuitive and can be enhanced more quickly to deal with changes in legislation and demands from clients for more services without increased fees.

The benefits of integration are clear:

  • Time is saved and risk of error is eliminated by never having to enter information more than once.
  • Staff can collaborate efficiently across departments.
  • Workflow is easier to manage because all the information you need is available in one place.

We work with firms of all sizes who share a belief that key factors in achieving success in a competitive climate are the combination of an integrated collaborative way of working with the best software for the task.

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Digita Integration
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“We decided to take a look at the market and found that Digita was the only viable alternative as a provider offering a complete package of integrated accounts and tax software and at a very reasonable cost.”

Graham Beeson,
Beeson Weeks & Co.

In August 2008, the firm switched software providers to Digita acquiring an integrated suite comprising their Personal Tax, Business Tax, Corporation Tax and Accounts Production.
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