Case Study - M E MacRae & Co.

Mareena MacRae is an Inverness sole practitioner with some 100 clients varying from individuals to incorporated business including hotels, guest houses and hair dressers. She uses Digita Personal and Business Tax.

Having worked for 20 years in an established Inverness practice where she became familiar with Digita products, Mareena established her own business in 2004.

She said: “I didn’t go for Digita immediately because I wanted to look at what the market had to offer. Cost was a factor but because you are not always comparing like with like, the decision was based on a balance of cost and functionality.

“As a sole trader, the most important aspect to me is support and Digita have been excellent in this regard, always responsive and always sorting out my queries. I also get courtesy calls from my Digita manager asking if I have any ongoing problems. Along with the quality of the customer support I receive, this is very comforting for a sole practitioner.

“The software is also great. It’s easy to navigate and I have begun to progressively maximise its potential as it is so intuitive to use.

“The presentation is also excellent. It’s very clear with easy to follow reports and when I produce a tax computation for a client, it is easy for them to understand.”

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