Case Study - Shaun Crozier, ieTaxGuard

The firm

Formed from a management buy-out in December 2000, ieTaxguard set out to become a leader in providing tax compliance services both to consumers and other organisations.

For its 8,000-plus clients, ieTaxguard offers three product types:

  • A tax returns service where the company completes the return and does calculations based on clients' information,
  • Personal tax management,
  • Specialist tax planning and consultancy, including Capital Gains Tax service.

The Product - Digita Personal, Business and Trust Tax

Soon after the MBO, ieTaxguard turned their attention to IT systems. One of the first things Shaun Crozier did was to replace the previous FDS Taxpoint software system with Personal, Business and Trust Tax from Digita.

He said: "We had a clear idea where we wished to take the business and this involved both offline as well as online processing of data as electronic processing is the logical progression for tax return filing.

"Taxpoint was more expensive and didn't really suit our requirements when we took over the business. Digita was more technology-focused and more energetic at moving down the roads we were looking at.

"The first tranche of client data from FDS (about 1500 clients) was sent to Digita to extract as much data as possible to import into Digita Personal, Business and Trust Tax. Our database manager then worked closely with the programmers at Digita to facilitate extraction of further data for the remaining clients.

"We find the support to be excellent - both in satisfying our queries and enhancements to the program. Indeed, with regard to implementation of online filing, our expectations were not only met, they were far exceeded. We now have our own 'branded' version of the online tax return on our website which enables online filing. I would go as far as saying I consider Digita to be 12-18 months ahead of any competition in this respect!"

Client management & fees

"Fee quotations are based on a wizard that identifies what services the client is likely to need and their risk level.

"The questions we ask relate to Digita Digita Personal, Business and Trust Tax's points system and the quote is based on the number of points times our charge-out rate."


"We had Digita in to provide training to our initial set of users. These now provide the training in-house to any new staff that joins us. However, we do not envisage the need to spend large amounts of time and money on training, as the software is very intuitive. In fact, I have heard it described as 'fantastically easy but comprehensive' by some of our staff.

The direct link from the main screen to the Digita website and calculators such as the payslip checker, has proved very useful and is a very nice feature.


"I would have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending Digita Digita Personal, Business and Trust Tax to anyone preparing tax returns. It has certainly been of great benefit to us in the relatively short time we have been using it, and Digita will without doubt feature in our other plans for the future.

"We have also implemented Digita Electronic Forms enabling us to produce a wide variety of additional tax forms in a professional manner, and Digita Corporation and Deferred Tax."

Digita Software