Case Study - Hepworth Griffiths

Hepworth Griffiths is a two partner practice based in Retford, Nottinghamshire, and is characterised by a range of small to medium owner managed and incorporated businesses and farming clients.

The practice had used other software suppliers but had become disillusioned with the tax product it had been using and with 'appalling' customer support.

A demonstration of the Digita suite of products led the practice to acquire Digita Personal, Business and Corporation Tax in 2003.

Partner Paul Griffiths said: "We liked what we saw immediately and our first impressions were supported by the very competitive price of the tax products. The graphics are good and the software is extremely user friendly – as long as you have an understanding of tax and computers, you can use it."

"I particularly like the tax computation and that you can produce any length of report according to the detail you or your client require. We have never known the tax computations to be wrong. Even when they are challenged by HMRC we have yet to find a discrepancy."

"The support we receive is also superb. Queries have been very few and far between but they are always answered promptly by phone, or if you email, the support staff will get back to you quickly."

Digita Software