Case Study - Jackson Feldman

The Practice

Jackson Feldman & Co is a four partner general practice based in Finchley Central and was established in 1964. The partnership prides itself on its up-to-date systems and procedures and has a client profile featuring many businesses larger than expected for a firm of its size.

The Practitioner

Michael Feldman is a Certified Accountant who qualified in 1974. He specializes in nurturing businesses, business growth, management and tax.

The Product - Digita Personal, Business and Trust Tax 9.3

Jackson Feldman & Co graduated from manual tax returns to Digita Personal, Business and Trust Tax before the introduction of self-assessment in 1994/5 having reviewed a range of software available at that time.

Michael Feldman said: "I have used Digita since the early nineties and all I can say to you is that I would strongly recommend Digita Personal, Business and Trust Tax to anyone wishing to start up or change systems."

"We were initially impressed by the software because what you see is what you get. It is exceptionally easy to navigate and use, and it has improved with each new issue."

"However, the new 9.3 version is the best product Digita have ever issued. The Tax Aware feature is absolutely unbelievable while the Client Summary and Schedule Editor are exceptional. Even the simplest things are well executed - and even the colour palette makes reporting very presentable and easy to understand for clients."

"Digita's support mechanisms are also very important to us. If we have a query, we know we can ring anyone in the hierarchy including the product managers themselves and we always get a response. Digita is never unavailable."

Other Digita products

Digita Corporation and Deferred Tax, Digita Electronic Forms.

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