Case Study - Allden & Partners

The Firm

Allden & Partners is a two practitioner partnership based in Dorking, Surrey, which was established some 20 years ago. It has a wide-ranging client base from small businesses including sole traders and partnerships to high earning employees and retired individuals and couples with investments providing a significant capital gains portfolio for the firm.


Digita Personal and Business Tax

Partner, Ian Larmont deals with the tax side of the practice. He said: "When I set up the current partnership I naturally turned to the same software as I was using at the London practice where I worked which included CCH Taxpoint and a Capital Gains Module under its predecessor's brand."

"I became aware of Digita when they first won the Best Tax Software in the LexisNexis Taxation Awards in 2003 and I began to read some good things about them in the trade press and on AccountingWeb."

"I didn't actually know of anyone else using Digita's products at the time so it didn't come around from personal recommendation but from independent sources in the media."

"Eventually I spoke with them and received a trial CD ROM of Business and Personal tax to trial and I was impressed how friendly it was. It was quick enough to make my previous software feel laborious in comparison and really easy to use so I took it on and have been very pleased with it ever since."

"New systems are usually at their most difficult in the early days particularly when you have some tricky problems to overcome. I was impressed with how quickly I could get through to customer support at Digita. There was always someone on the end of the phone with real answers."

"Digita's staff come across as more motivated than other software developers and this gives a feel good factor that says 'if it comes to it I'd rather deal with them'."

"We will certainly look at Digita's Accounts Production and the new Capital Gains product will be highly relevant to our practice especially if it integrates with the business and personal tax software and looks and performs to the same high level."

Digita Software