Case Study - Nigel Ricks

Nigel Ricks and Company

Nigel Ricks is a sole practitioner in Loughborough and has been using Digita since 1996.

Nigel Ricks

"We have always been very impressed with the standard of programming by the Digita technicians, therefore it came as no surprise when we found that Digita Company Secretarial was a comprehensive and easy to use product. The software has improved and been developed to become an invaluable tool within our practice."

"The ease with which dividend documentation can be correctly generated, means that a once costly and unproductive process has now become a most cost efficient and profitable service that we are able to offer to many clients. The fact that Digita produces all the statutory forms correctly populated means that we can present to our clients, easily readable and accurate forms for signature."

"Once again, Digita has produced a comprehensive software package which allows all aspects of company secretarial activities to be properly and accurately recorded, whilst at the same time, producing the software in a manner that makes it easy and cost effective to use. Therefore, allowing staff of many levels of knowledge and ability, the opportunity to prepare the correct documentation for almost any statutory activity that the client company wishes to undertake. We wholeheartedly recommend Digita."

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