Case Study - Weavering Capital (UK) Ltd, Ian Hall

The Firm

Weavering Capital (UK) Ltd is a London based independent asset management and macro economic research company. Regulated by the Financial Services Authority, Weavering specialises in the G7 fixed income and interest rate derivatives markets using a team of in-house economists to carry out the economic research which forms the basis of all its trading decisions.

The respondent

Ian Hall became the Group Financial Controller of Weavering in 2005. He was previously an accountant in practice.

The firm uses Digita Personal Tax, Digita Accounts Production, Digita Corporation Tax and Digita Company Secretarial.

Ian Hall said: “As an accountant in practice I had been aware of Digita’s software for some time and had been using it prior to joining Weavering.

“I use Accounts Production for the statutory accounts for 10 different companies and it integrates well with the bookkeeping software we use. It also handles the complexities of consolidated accounts for overseas companies including dormant companies and foreign currency.

“I also look after the tax affairs for a number of key individuals and Digita Personal Tax is very easy to use. The Windows framework makes all Digita’s software look and feel easy to use and the set-up at Digita to support us is first class.

“The relationship helps me tweak accounts so that reporting is in the format that I want. The Digita team offer straightforward products with straightforward support. They always appear to be interested in the customer and to listen and learn. I certainly get the impression that they are truly interested in feedback and will act on it.

“They also benefit by having customer support and development staff with real accountancy experience so their advice is not just about formatting and purely software issues. It’s more relevant and practical than other suppliers provide.

“To a large extent, I work on my own so high standards of response and a close relationship with the support team makes an important contribution to what I do.

“I have also found Digita’s annual conference to be very useful on the couple of occasions I have been able to attend. Face to face surgeries with the product managers helps understand different aspects of the software and helps me to maximise its potential.

“The event also provides me with a rare opportunity for professional association and the exchange of ideas.”

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