Case Study - Roderick Gunkel & Associates Limited

Roderick Gunkel & Associates is based in Perthshire, central Scotland. It offers small businesses a range of consultancy, taxation and accounting solutions, company secretarial support, payroll services and assistance with general business administration.

Roderick Gunkel is a certified accountant who qualified in 1973 while working as an internal auditor for Nestlé in Croydon. He spent his early years in management accounts roles rather than in practice, which allows him to bring a hands-on, practical perspective to his clients' requirements.

Roderick Gunkel

"I liked Digita products from the outset, they are robust and easy to understand and the support is first class. My business has grown alongside this suite of products, all of which have played such an important role in the range of services we provide to our business clients. I feel confident in the way the products 'talk' to each other, and that integration is increasing and becoming more useful with each update."

"As a business, we depend solely on referrals, and this combination of product quality and ongoing support means we are very responsive to our clients' needs and problems. We like to make everyone, whatever their size, feel important. We think that Digita regard their customers in exactly the same way - a part of the team. We know of no other software provider that achieves this relationship, one which is ideal for small businesses like ourselves, and small accountancy practices in general."

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