Case Study - MBS Accountants

The Gloucester based practice was established by Ian Morgan as a bookkeeping service in 2005 moving into accounts and taxation services as demand grew. In 2009, Ian acquired Digita Accounts Production, Personal, Business and Corporation Tax and Digita Contact Manager. Since then the practice has trebled its client base.

Ian Morgan said: “I had experience of using quite a few software products and although the one I was using had some integrated features, it was access based and clumsy. I reviewed the market and found that one major supplier didn’t bother to come back to me at all and another seemed to be focussed solely on the financial deal rather than the software I needed.

“Digita treated us like an individual and the deal they offered has also proved to be more cost-effective over time. The software scored high on usability and I was confident that my experience would allow me to pick it up easily and this proved to be the case. It is very intuitive with its windows platform making it very easy to find what you’re looking for.

“Integration was a major factor. I particularly like the ease of editing and using my own descriptions for nominal codes.

“Technical support has been excellent. One January, I managed to corrupt a file which required attention at Digita HQ. Although, I didn’t need to use this file until April and despite the January deadline keeping the technical support people at Digita fully occupied, they still managed to turn it around impressively quickly and efficiently.

“Digita’s attitude to me was important at the outset of the relationship and I’m still treated as an individual with an opinion. I don’t ever get the impression that I’m too small to be important and I would happily recommend them to any sole practitioner needing good software and a supplier who knows what they need.”

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