Case Study - Bruce Marshall & Co.

Bruce Marshall & Co is a Sandbach in Cheshire based general practice offering accountancy, tax and business advice to a wide range of enterprises from one man bands to quoted companies. The practice became a limited company some 12 years ago and currently employs seven staff.

Bruce Marshall was an early user of financial software acquiring his first DOS based tax software in 1991. Subsequent Windows based tax and accounting software suppliers were bought out by a larger supplier and reliability and support plummeted.

The business was then introduced to Digita software which Bruce Marshall described as a “revelation”. The business now uses Digita Personal and Business, Corporate Tax, Company Secretarial, Accounts Production and Contact Manager and plans to add Time & Fees as soon as it is released.

Bruce Marshall said: “All the problems we were dealing with on a daily basis vanished when we acquired Digita software. It doesn’t break down or kick you out the system. It’s fantastically reliable and its integration capability is unsurpassed.

“Using Contact Manager as the core, we can create a client or form a company and the software pulls in the names wherever they are needed.

“It creates a wide range of letters from the templates we provide and is flexible enough for us to adapt the software to our specific needs.

“Our business is still growing and a combination of the software’s ease of use, functionality and adaptability makes us very competitive. As a practice, the time it saves gives us freedom of choice to increase the number of clients we are able to deal with or keep staff and related overheads down. It either makes or saves money.

“We have not had to use the customer support team very often as little has gone wrong but it is always a good thing to get through to someone who is familiar with the product and knows you personally.

“We sensed the personal touch from the outset. There was no way our previous suppliers were going to give us a software demonstration but this was the first thing Digita provided.

“Overall, I'm most impressed with Digita’s commitment to investing in development. It gives us confidence that we’ll always be able to accommodate regulatory changes when they occur.”

Digita Software