Case Study - J.Mandavia

J. Mandavia is a small practitioner based in Wembley, Middlesex. The practice is characterised by a wide portfolio of clients ranging from sole traders to limited companies.

Jayant & Nilesh had separate suppliers for both the tax and accounts software but after seeing the Digita range of products they acquired the entire suite including Personal and Business Tax, Corporation Tax, Accounts Production and Company Secretarial.

Integration was a key driver and Nilesh Shah utilised the Digita Contact Manager to maximise the benefit of moving to Digita.

Nilesh chose Digita "because it offered an easier to use desktop setup along with the fact that importing .csv files into Digita Accounts Production was very simple and efficient. Another contributory factor was the price."

He said: "Integration is the key quality of Digita software and has worked seamlessly giving me all the automation that I need for the practice. In addition, the learning curve has been manageable with the excellent support of the technical team at Digita."

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