Case Study:
Green Accountancy Limited, David Wilsdon

The firm

Green Accountancy is an Oxford based firm of Chartered Certified Accountants qualified in Environmental Conservation.

Its aim is to encourage and help small businesses reduce environmental impacts and offers a full range of accountancy and taxation services all provided with consideration of the environment and ethical issues.

The respondent

David Wilsdon was previously a partner at a 50 person Oxford firm before joining a national firm as technical director. To achieve his objectives of delivering accountancy solutions and helping businesses with their environmental issues from a position of genuine knowledge and experience, he studied Environmental Conservation at Oxford University before establishing Green Accountancy in 2007.

He said: “We use Digita Accounts, Personal Tax, Business Tax, Corporation Tax and Contact Manager.

“We chose Digita originally through a selection process comparing Digita with some of the entry level systems. We found that Digita could import balances, and was proven and intuitive software. The reports in Digita looked good and were accurate.

“As we have grown we reconsidered our budget for tax and accounts software. This led us to compare Digita to Iris. We found that Digita was far more flexible and user friendly. The work flow within our practice matched many of the steps in finalising tasks in Digita. We involve our clients through the finalisation process through provision of accounts and tax returns on PDF files. Using Digita we are able to make any changes without any problem.

“Customer support has always been excellent. The system of answering telephone questions directly if possible, calling back with answers to more complex problems and finally taking control of our systems using online support works perfectly.”

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