Case Study - Critchleys

Critchleys Chartered Accountants and Business Advisers

A progressive Top 60 UK firm and membership of the global JHI network and UK200Group, Critchleys is a 13 partner accountancy practice with a turnover of over £7million. The firm employs 110 staff in offices in Oxford and Abingdon.

Critchleys advises the full spectrum of business clients from small partnerships to plcs, educational institutions and the agricultural sector and is now the auditor to 14 of the Oxford colleges, including Magdalen.

Martin Wright, Critchleys Group Financial Controller

"The firm has moved from a multi-sited, semi-autonomous structure to a service line approach - this has lent itself to software integration. Working with Digita, we modified standard reports to ensure they had the Critchleys stamp on them. We also used Digita's reporting techniques to generate and streamline accounts files. The roll-out went very smoothly indeed, with instant integration across the product suite including importing data from the previous software. We underwent an intensive five day training programme involving staff in accounts, audit and tax, looking at how the new software differed from the old, how we interrogate it, how we maximise its benefits and how we impart information."

"Thanks to Digita's efforts and the planning we had made in advance, we had the best part of 200 clients set-up and ready to run within four weeks of going live. Staff feedback from the training supplied by Digita was excellent with a 100 per cent positive response."

"We are now looking forward to the next stage in our software development with the addition of Digita Contact Manager which completely rationalises client maintenance to a single point of entry."

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