Case Study - Birkett & Co.

Birkett & Co is a long established Dorset based accountancy and taxation company offering a personal service to individuals and companies in need of practical and proactive advice.

The company is a long-standing user of Digita products having started with Digita Personal Tax and subsequently acquiring the full Digita Integrated Suite. Birkett & Co was also the first business to implement Digita Practice Management.

Client Manager, Tim Birkett said:
“I had been using a MSDOS based system for personal tax returns but it didn’t work when they tried to upgrade it to a Windows format. I shopped around for a new supplier and found that Digita was the only one prepared to take a commercial view on the deal. It showed they were not merely sales driven but were prepared to develop a long term relationship which I, too, was seeking.

“I also did some independent research and received very positive feedback from other users and not just ones that Digita steered me towards.

“I was first struck by how easy the products were to use. They were obviously designed by accountants for accountants and a deep understanding of the products and the professional issues involved has been characteristic of the Digita team since we first did business.

“This has been accompanied by continuity and first class technical support. Most of the staff I had contact with at the start are still there and one of the Personal Tax support team has yet to be stumped by questions we have posed!

“We acquired new products as they were launched and developed our business capability alongside these new products. We grew as Digita grew eventually acquiring the full integrated suite.

“As Digita has grown from a single product provider to a multi-product supplier and then an integrated suite supplier, they have progressively raised the bar and increased expectations. The key to managing this growth has been customer interaction.

“I think you buy products from people and not businesses and it is clear that Digita are customer driven while their competitors are sales driven. As a businessman, I look for value for money and no other software supplier can deliver equivalent products at equivalent prices.”

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