Case Study - RSM Bentley Jennison

"Whatever products our staff may have previously been using, no one has lost functionality but processes and procedures have improved immeasurably in step and across the board."
Phil Coleman, Head of Audit, RSM Bentley Jennison

The Firm

RSM Bentley Jennison is increasingly being regarded as one of the most progressive professional services firms in the UK today.

The Challenge

RSM Bentley Jennison decided to review their software requirements to help manage some of the issues caused by the firm's rapid strategic growth. The acquisitions had brought with them a variety of suppliers' software products with no consistency across the whole practice.

One Year On

The importance of clear communications and strong professional relationships has been the key factor in ensuring the software continues to work efficiently and effectively.

RSM Bentley Jennison and Digita are both ambitious organisations and regular meetings are held between Digita Product Managers and the RSM Bentley Jennison operations team to brainstorm for future developments and enhancements to existing software.

Over 300 Bentley Jennison staff have now been trained in the various elements of the Digita suite. With such a fast growth rate, there is a significant number of new-starters and trainees joining the firm throughout the year. Digita has assisted with training material to ensure that this process is as smooth as possible.

Both organisations are committed to continue this strong relationship into the future.

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