Case Study
BdH Chartered Certified Accountants

The Firm: Bharat Hathi is a Portsmouth based sole practitioner trading as BdH Chartered Certified Accountants with a general practice advising a wide range of sole traders, partnership and incorporated businesses.

The software: Digital Personal and Business Tax, Accounts Production, Corporation Tax and Contact Manager.

Bharat Hathi said:

I had been using software which was doing a reasonable job but thought I would review what was available on the market with a view to having top end software that would support my plans for growing the business and with integrated functionality as the key driver for change.

I read on Accountingweb that Digita had consistently been a top software provider so I contacted them, got the pricing details and undertook a software trial.

It was a bit startling at first because I had been used to different software products with no integration between them. I would go to different parts of my various software products to do specific tasks.

With Digita’s software, you have a streamlined, coherent and integrated structure and once I had worked out the methodology behind it, the processes worked brilliantly. The workflow routine on Digita Personal Tax, for instance, takes you effortlessly through each step and provides a perfect audit trail.

Digita’s support team has also been excellent. They helped me through the initial learning curve and since then if I have called with a query, they have called back within the hour or sent me a detailed email with an explanation or an easy to follow solution.

Digita Software