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2015: The Year of the Client

written by Editor, 30 January 2015

Blog by Aalia Daneshmend, Digita Senior Marketing Executive
Year of the Client
According to a recent survey of UK accountants in practice, 41% of practitioners are looking to revamp their client communication procedures in 2015*. Although change is always constrained by time and resource, there are several steps that accountancy practices can take to improve client communication this year.

Ask the Clients

Begin by surveying your clients (try a free online tool like ) and ask them how they would prefer to receive communication from you and question the frequency, format and messaging. For example, you might be sending information reminder letters ahead of tax season but your clients could prefer to receive an email or a call and will respond quicker. It could even be as simple as having a service level agreement (SLA) in place that all missed phone calls and voicemails must be returned within an hour.

Client Communication

Analysing the results and acting on them could not only save you time and money, but by aligning your service to your client needs you are serving them more effectively than before. Also ask yourself – are my current communication methods as efficient as they could be? In an ideal world, what would you change?

Embrace Technology

Once you have the results of your survey, you may need to implement new technology to help you improve client communication across your practice. Client portals are similar to online banking whereby your client receives an email to let them know that a document is waiting for them in their portal. They can even access documents and update information in the portal through a mobile app on their smart phone.

You have added benefits such as visibility of when they have viewed a document, security of confidential documents, e-signature approval, a full audit trail and a faster speed of service. All while providing an easy-to-use system for your clients which they can access from anywhere at any time – making you competitive and seen to be tech savvy by your clients.

Don’t Forget Face Time

Finally, imagine for a moment that it’s your birthday. What’s the most meaningful way to receive a birthday greeting from your friend? A text, a phone call, a card or a visit? Most people I ask answer a visit because it’s a more personal way of communicating and requires the most effort. So don’t forget that face-to-face communication is invaluable and nothing replaces occasional in-person meetings.


Are you looking to spruce up your Client Communication in 2015? Please comment below with the changes you’ll be making.

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