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How to achieve the work life blend

written by Editor, 8 January 2016

Guest blog by, Mikaela Barton, Digita Marketing Assistant

Work life blend

The work life blend is a thing of the past popularized in the 1970’s by the baby boom generation, used to describe the balance between an individual’s work and personal life. This generation valued security and structure. The problem was that this model is unobtainable; it is an unrealistic ideology that many of us strive for, but failed with and were left feeling frustratingly defeated, leading to the evolution of the work life blend.

Work life blend

The millennial’s are craving constant connectivity which also applies to their working life, they argue that they want jobs that integrate with their daily lifestyles, creating a work life blend rather than balance. This generation has entered a workplace where technology has blurred the line between work and home, it has become more common for work emails to appear during weekends and even on holidays. According to an American Express survey 83% of travelers planned to stay connected and 64% intended to check their emails daily!

Work Life Blend

This may seem great to employers that their staff are dedicated enough to work through their vacations. This being said, in return millennial’s want to steer away from the confines of the 9-5 working day. Instead they want flexible working hours, the ability to work remotely and to stay connected with friends and family during working hours. Although employees don’t want to switch off from their careers, they also don’t want to turn away from their personal lives either. Research shows that employees who are given flexibility, help to improve their productivity dramatically.

However it’s not just millennial employees who are pushing the boundaries towards a more technologically integrated industry, but also our customers and competitors. We have listened to our customers and developed a cloud based solution, Digita Virtual Office offering anytime, anywhere remote accounting software access. Helping our customers to achieve the much desired work life blend and stay constantly connected with their ever demanding customers.


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